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Flute Student

Ms. Lucy was my private flute instructor for 5 years during my middle school and high school years. Even now that I've graduated and gone to college, I still go back to her during my breaks for help with audition repertoire and to play in her annual flute studio recital. She is one of the major reasons that I am a music student in the university system now. Without her instruction, guidance, and support, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today. Not only does she offer competitive level professional teaching, but she's there for you every step of the way as a friend and mentor. Without Ms. Lucy there to motivate me to practice and want to get better, especially in the early days of my career, I'm confident that I wouldn't be where I am today. If you are looking for a teacher that will give you a strong foundation of knowledge in the art of flute playing, Ms. Lucy is definitely the teacher for you.   Brianna F.


I attended Lucy Kowalski's Flute Studio recital last night. It was very impressive. She had 13 students perform. Each student had a solo recital with a piano accompanist and each played a duet with Lucy and/or in a small group. One student combined her ballet skills with her flute playing of C. Saint-Saens "The Swan" - very lovely. There was a grand finale with all students playing. Lucy, you are an awesome teacher! Your students are all wonderful flute players. Congratulations to all for a successful recital!  Judy G.

My daughter has taken from Lucy for a couple of months on the recommendation of her middle and high school band directors. Her confidence and sound quality have greatly improved. Lucy is a patient and kind teacher, but pushes my daughter to do her best.  Lil H.

While our daughter has been taking private flute lessons for 5 years, she just started private lessons with Lucy this year. Her progress has been tremendous. Lucy has helped her improve her technique, sight reading, and overall playing quality. We highly recommend her.  April S.

After just a couple of months of lessons my daughter had the confidence to audition for All-state band. Thanks to Lucy, her solo received near perfect scores. She looks forward to lessons each week and recieved the honor of first chair flute and the band student of the year award at her middle school. Lucy is dedicated and patient, and knows when to challenge each student.    

Trish L.

My daughter has been a student of Mrs. Lucy since August of 2010.  Since taking lessons from her, my daughter has auditioned for District Middle School Band and made it; has played with the Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra (GYSO); made first chair in her band and was recommended for the Atlanta Flute Club Middle School Honor Choir!  While I love my daughter, it can't be all her doing!  I know Mrs. Lucy gives her the technical teaching needed to perform at a high level, but more importantly, she encourages her at a level I cannot.  Mrs. Lucy instilled a confidence in her that has enabled her to achieve goals she didn't know she had!   Mrs. Lucy is not only a talented flute instructor, she is a great person to have guiding your child!  Thank you!  Meredith H.​

Lucy is an experienced teacher who willingly shares her knowledge in her teaching. She recognizes my areas of growth and provides me challenging exercises and lessons to move me past my weakest playing areas and on to better playing. She has a great ear and a feel for the music and offers ideas, examples and ways to improve the musicality of a piece. Her teaching methods and her positive energy make learning fun for me. I have become a far better flute player under her teaching and I highly recommend her.  Gail H.

Flute Student

I have only praise for Lucy. She was first recommended to us back in the late 1990’s as someone who could help improve and fine tune my middle school daughter’s flute playing. Since then she has tutored four members of my family and she can indeed greatly enhance a flute player’s performance.  She never is negative, and always guides toward improvement in a positive way. Various of my children have said “she never makes you feel bad when you make a mistake.” And “she makes it fun, too”. She looks for the good and encourages the student in a positive manner, also encouraging goals towards which they can strive. Her lessons are geared such that they are not beyond the level of the student. Her patience is limitless. She has many techniques to help get a lesson or skill across, and she can work with all levels of student. Lessons can deal with everything from posture, embouchure, timing, breathing and breath control, and scales, to more advanced techniques or working on passages that are giving the student trouble for concerts, tryouts, or placements. That doesn’t mean the lesson is not fun.  In addition, student recitals provide valuable learning time and experience without being overly intimidating. Even to unmusically schooled listeners it is obvious that in a short time Lucy impacts the student’s playing for the better, and improvement can continue for as long as the student is working with Lucy.  Lucy has also become a friend, adviser, and motivator for all of us. She is incredible.  Odalie K.​

Lucy is an outstanding instructor! My daughter began lessons with her this past year and really learned a lot! Lucy is an excellent teacher and musician. She is fantastic with her students and it is obvious they all really enjoy lessons with her.   Holly B.

Mrs. Lucy is the best flute teacher I have ever had. I've been a student of hers since my freshman year in high school, and now upon graduation I feel completely prepared to study music in college. Mrs. Lucy has helped me gain confidence and performing in front of large groups; her skill is unbelievable. I thouroughly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a teacher!  Jenny O.

Mrs. Lucy is a wonderful teacher but, more importantly, she is a mentor. She has helped me grow as a player and I enjoy being greeted by her smile each week.  Mary M.

Eight years ago my daughter, then a 7th grader, began playing flute in her middle school band. After watching my daughter work on her own for many months, I began asking around for the names of top notch flute instructors. With great luck, I was referred to Lucy by a local band director! My daughter began taking lessons with Lucy as an 8th grader and she just blossomed. Lucy is a skilled and talented flautist, but what drives her success is that she is equally an amazing teacher, mentor and cheerleader. Lucy was able to challenge my daughter from day one and ask a little more of her than she would have even thought to ask of herself. My daughter, now a successful flute performance major in her junior year in college, still credits Lucy with her early success in developing as a flautist. Over the years Lucy has not only been instrumental in teaching my daughter, but she has become a family friend. It is from personal experience that I highly recommend Lucy as a flute instructor!  Janelle H.

Ms. Lucy is an amazing flute instructor and she has really improved my playing. Besides being just a flute instructor, she has become a wonderful friend and mentor. Ms. Lucy is always positive and supportive and she always makes the lessons fun. My two sisters and my mom have also taken lessons from her and I know how fantastic she really is. Kiedrich K.

Flute Student

Ms. Lucy is a wonderful instructor, I couldn't work with her any longer as a result of my schedule, but in the short time she worked with me, she has made a tremendous impact on my technical ability, she is very patient and easy to work with.  Lola F.


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